Micro-AquaBioPonics: Producing Organic Food in Your Garage

Micro-AquaBioPonics – Is it possible to produce fish and fresh, organic and healthy components of your choice salad (such as various types of lettuce, spinach, endive, arugula, cucumber, cabbage, peppers, tomatoes, watercress, basil, mint, oregano, parsley, cilantro, chives, onion, chili or what inspiration you choose) in your school, office, garage, porch or even inside your kitchen?

To refresh your mind and if you have been with us in our sites, we have shown in several articles of the versatility of the Integrated Sustainable AquaBioPonics Systems to produce high quality organic food in almost any environment on this planet.

Micro-AquaBioPonics – Integrating Sustainability in Your Kitchen

To understand what is AquaBioPonics you’ve probably heard of aquaponics systems which is a combination of aquaculture and hydroponics which allows vegetables and fish production, all at the same time, using a closed system.

Micro-AquaBioPonics - MABPS System in our Garage and Super Aziza

Micro-AquaBioPonics - MABPS System in our Garage and Super Aziza

AquaBioPonics in turn goes far beyond by making the sustainable integration of aquaculture, hydroponics, bio-fertilizers, beneficial insects, rain water harvesting, solar energy, wind energy, biofuels, small live stock farming, microorganisms, vermiculture, land gardening in order to actually reincorporate everything that the system produces – recycling, reusing, renewing – just as nature does in the continuous cycle of life.

Of course we cannot always put into operation all components of AquaBioPonics systems, but it is important to know that AquaBioPonics systems use controlled environments where the same water is reconditioned, reused and re-circulated continuously using all or just some of the components mentioned above.

Micro-AquaBioPonics – High Quality Organic Food in Your Garage

However, the trend of self-food production, global demand for healthy food , as well as, the assurance of food security against any environmental accident have led people worldwide to adopt organic practices and sustainable urban and rural production of food in their own homes.

Is this possible?

Well, to achieve this goal we’ve implemented the Integrated Sustainable AquaBioPonics Food Production Microsystems – MABPS – which is a micro version of the our medium and large scale technologies.

Thus, you can now equip your garage, garden, porch or kitchen, using minimal space and water, with micro units MABPS to produce its full salad, some fruit and your every day holy fish in front of your eyes.

And most importantly, you can go back or become a modern urban farmer, in the 21st century within your own home using this super efficient technology, while extremely simple to operate as long as you have the right training and capacitating.

This is one more option to equip families and communities with systems that give them independence and food security in a world so devoid of high quality organic food without chemicals so harmful to our health.

Think of the ease of collecting the components of your super fresh salad lunch or dinner in your own kitchen, garage or yard nurturing yourself and your family with plant and animal proteins you really know the origins, how they were grown and easily harvested daily.

Well, to show how this is possible we will bring in  following articles facts, examples running systems (such as this that you are seeing the picture of this post) of micro-Aquabioponics that have been implemented in garages, porches, kitchens and schools in the United States and in various parts of the world. Hold on there …

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