AquaBioPonics&AquaFuelsPonics = Aquaculture + Bioconversion + Hydroponics.

“Give someone a fish, and you feed them for a day. Teach someone to fish, and they may deplete rivers and oceans. Train someone for AquaBioPonics, and they will have sustainable food for a lifetime.” A. D’Silva

Systems AquaFuelsPonics, AquaBioPonics, or just BioPonics&FueslPonics empower you grow organic healthy food (animal and vegetal) and biofuels feedstock.

AquaBioPonics is the synergetic sustainable integration of aquaculture, hydroponics, beneficial insects, vermiculture composting, , small livestock yard farms, land organic gardening, wind and solar energy, rainwater harvester, small irrigation, biofertilizer and small scale biofuels production in a controlled environment where the water is continuously recycled and re-circulated.

AquaBioPonics - MSABP Triple Bed

AquaBioPonics – MSABP Triple Bed

AquaFuelsPonics is the same as AquaBioPonics plus others energy crops and biofuels production in large scale.

BioPonics&FueslPonics can be used in small scale systems to empower almost anyone in every age group with the ability to produce their own food (your own food) and supplement incomes.

It is an ideal tool for promoting programs such as: food security and urban small-scale food production, schools sciences and sustainable food projects, organic garden, gardering including organic foods. This system can also be used in large scale projects to produce Foods and Biofuels in the most integrated and efficient way.

FuelsPonics has another important benefit: it releases almost nothing into the environment. Everything is treated, recycled, restored and reused. Water re-circulates and stays within the system. There is nothing that pollutes or is left untreated (organic or inorganic) which could cause a negative impact to the water or land surrounding it., terrestrial eco-systems surround the System.

AquaBioPonics –  Raising Food at the Classroom

AquaBioPonics Systems have been used as a highly efficient learning tool, as well as, an unique science laboratory to transform students into ecology and integrated sustainable food production systems experts.

The fact that high quality healthy and organic food are produced in the classroom, as well as, in their porch, garage and backyard of their houses in urban areas could positively impact students’ lives like no other teaching tool could do.

AquaBioPonics&AquaFuelsPonics –  Novel Characteristics

A number of novel characteristics of BioPonics& FuelsPonics include its modularity and ease of technology transfer.  FuelPonics can be developed in practically any size or scale (micro, small, middle, large and mega commercial operations).

 BioPonics& FuelsPonics can be implemented to create jobs, economically viable opportunities and development in urban or rural areas. FuelsPonics can also become a major commercial activity that generates income and establishes lasting small businesses by promoting socio-economic development to target demographics.

Systems AquaBioPonics&AquaFueslPonics were developed by Prof. Aecio D’Silva and have been utilized in many parts of the world. 

Member of American Aquabiotech, Biofuels Revolution, Algae for Biofuels and MyBeloJardim  (Portuguese version) Group