BioFuels Revolution – Who we are

American Aquabiotech, Algae for Biofuels and Biofuels Revolution Systems were founded by Prof. Aecio D’Silva and a group of a talented and experienced team of scientists, international marketing consultants, and businesspeople. We are here to promote, educate, training and inform about Leadership, Sustainable Food Production Systems and green-bio-fuels in every possible level. We are here to perform R&D, design, development, planning, construction, administration and deliver of sustainable-profitable food and renewable energy solutions. Plain and simple.

We research, develop, build, produce and manage our own, as well, customized installations of solar power and green-bio-fuels successful business-projects through continuous sustainable innovation in the most efficient and profitable way possible.

And more important, in every project and business we embrace Total Quality Leadership Systems  -TQLSystems – for renewable energy to provide the best management and leadership techniques to boost performance to higher altitude and attitude. .

We are heavily experienced in renewable energy, integrated agriculture- aquaculture, total quality leadership, and marketing projects for food and biofuels production. Our expert team is associated with top Universities and Industries to develop a state-of-art technology to be ahead of the competition.

Short Bio – Prof. Aecio D’Silva, member of American Aquabiotech, Moura Enterprises, AlgaeforBiofuels, MyBeloJardim and BiofuelsRevolution. Dr. Aecio D’Silva has over 30 years of experience as an executive and international consultant of private and public organizations in biotechnology, business research & opportunities, R&D, international business, statistical process control (SPC), online training, learning management systems, renewable energy, biofuels integrated aquaculture-agriculture projects, and Total Quality Leadership Systems.

Dr. D’Silva is the developer of the AquaBioPonics and AquaFuelsPonics systems used for closed food, solar and green-bio-fuels systems. He is considered a worldwide reference and authority on innovation, improvement, total quality leadership, and renewable energy, as well as aquaculture-agriculture-biofuels-solar energy integrated systems. He coordenated the group that envisioned, designed and led the construction of the Agric-Aqua-Biotech Paulo Afonso-Jatoba Aquaculture-Agribusiness Complex in the San Francisco River Valley, in the northeast of Brazil.

Dr. D’Silva has worked on all five continents, providing consulting, training and expertise to hundreds of executives, leaders and staff members of many companies in Latin America, the continental United States, and Hawaii. He has developed strategic humanitarian programs with a special focus on combating hunger, malnutrition, illiteracy and poverty in urban and rural communities.

He has developed the Total Quality Leadership Systems (TQLSystems) and has written the Total Quality Business Leadership System and Operation Manual Handbook for private companies as well as the Continuously Innovating Your Business with Total Quality Leadership Systems and Attitude-Mind-Positive-Creative (AMPC) books. These handbooks have been fully implemented in Biotech companies and complexes in North and South America in many companies. He has served as private consultant on integrated projects for international organizations including the World Bank.

He is consultant of of American Aquabiotech, Inc and Moura Enterprises, LLC., high-tech and investment companies which specialize in state-of-the-art R&D, high tech transfer, international business, renewable energy, sustainable food production and humanitarian programs; Algae for Biofuels and Biofuels Revolution sites;  Dr. D’Silva holds an MS Degree in Aquaculture from the University of Oklahoma, a PhD in Sustainable Systems and three Post-Doctorates in Biotechnology Business from the University of Arizona. His work has been published in books, publications and scientific papers in his area of expertise.